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Our products are made with love and your wellbeing at heart. We are small batch.  Don’t get me wrong, you couldn’t make this amount in your own kitchen, over a 7 day period, but we are not mass produced.  We are focused on retaining the highest quality ingredients. Knowing where they come from and making sure we are using the best.

The reason?  Here in Australia, we tend to load our dried fruits up with Sulphates.  And XO Foods do not add Sulphates! With the exception of our Nude Moozly range, all our products are fruit free. Don’t get me wrong, like all things natural, there are benefits to Dried fruit.  It can boost your fiber and nutrient intake and supply your body with large amounts of antioxidants. However, they are also high in sugar and calories. So unless you are drying your fruit, expect some nasties to be added.  Which brings me back to the point of why XO Foods steers clear of dried fruits. We don’t do the nasties!

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