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XO Foods

Lovers of granola and muesli.
Packed full of goodness 
guaranteed free of any nasties,
we call it ‘Moozly’.
Proudly Australian, owned and made.

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    Distributor enquiries
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    Wholesale enquiries
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Enjoy XO Foods’ clean, light, delicious Moozly.

Nurture yourself with lightly Toasted, naturally Nude, and Golden turmeric ranges, all rich in antioxidants, packed with protein & available gluten free.

  • We love your guts
    We love your guts
    Look after yourself from the inside out. Packed with protein. No additives, no preservatives and no fillers.
  • Anti-inflammatory goodness
    Anti-inflammatory goodness
    Our Golden range with the healing properties of turmeric, will have you tasting spicy goodness with every mouthful.
  • Small batch
    Small batch
    Hand made in Australia from highest quality ingredients
  • Vegan
    Plant based goodness with every morsel. XO Foods create a breakfast Moozly the way nature intended.
  • Gluten free range
    Gluten free range
    No matter your preference for Toasty, Nude or Golden, XO Foods are available gluten free.
  • No refined sugar
    No refined sugar
    Replace highly processed breakfast muesli with XO Foods. Our blends offer a Fruit Free range, low GI and no refined sugars.

Our XO Foods Range

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About XO Foods

Our philosophy is simple. Nourish Australian families with a muesli and granola range that is clean, healthy, and delicious. No additives, no preservatives, no refined sugar. No nasties. We love your guts & so should you!

What our customers say

Jade Harmony Washbourne

I was never a huge fan of toasted muesli until I came across Moozly. Now I can get enough! 

Kellie Gray

OMG, the Turmeric Moozly is to die for!! What a delicious way to start the day. 

Tracey Lee Scarlett

Yum just had my first taste of Moozly for dessert with yogurt, strawberries and blueberries. This will be a regular from now on.

Karla Allan

The most delectable delicious breakfast I've eaten. Even the kids love it, and that's saying something!

Catherine Aimee

I just bought some XO Moozly. Oh my goodness it is absolutely delicious!!

Justine Crouchley-Crawford

Love you guys. You rock. Yep ....love my guts too!


  • I’m always being told that I need to show “me” on social media. People want to know who is behind the brand.... so they say.
Well, this is me 🙆🏻‍♀️
*I’m a tomboy who likes to wear high heels. But can’t anymore ☹️
*I cannot take a selfie
*My wardrobe colours are black, white, grey, khaki + denim. That’s it 🙅🏻‍♀️
*There is nothing I can’t do for myself, or at least attempt to. Unless I am tired... + then I am happy to have a man do everything for me 😉
*I 🖤 coffee
*I 🖤cold brew
*I wear my name around my neck. For others. And they still can’t get it right 🤦🏻‍♀️😂
*My tribe is small + I like it that way.
*Quality over quantity. Always ✌🏼
*I’m a thalassophile
*I’m a chionophile
And now you’re checking google 😂😂
Tell me something about you....
#weloveyourguts ❌⭕️
📸 by the gorgeous @melissa_pouliot_writer
  • About last night....
Ok so it wasn’t last night, because as we know from my last post 🤦🏻‍♀️ I misplaced #wednesday this week 🤷🏻‍♀️
But yes this is where I live, yes I was drinking on a school night and yes, this is possibly the BEST gin ever. I mean EVER!! @stonycreekfarm your #northofeden Gin is fabulous ✌🏼
Showcased to perfection by the sublime skills in hospitality that is @peisleys. A pleasure to be a part of your night Clair, we wish you every success. #gin #greenjuice #coldpressedjuices #lifeisbalance ❌✌🏼
  • #wednesdaybreakfastclub 
Ever lost a day? 
I lost a day this week, Wednesday. Gone, pfft, just like that, never had it! Somehow Tuesday became 48hrs long.... or maybe it was Monday ? 🤔 I just don’t know 🤷🏻‍♀️
What I do know is the Wednesday that I missed was torrential with rain. So I brought summer to the table with this fabulous bowl by @one_full_belly 
#akissandahug ❌⭕️
  • Monday you did your best to kill my vibe 😩but I won. I channeled my inner rebellious teen and ran away. Ha!😜
I ran away to the beach. And found coffee. And a fabulous female foodie. And then everything was right in the world again. 
Hands up if you have ever wanted to just run away 🙋🏻‍♀️? Or did you run away 🙋🏻‍♀️?
Oh and Monday.... I found the answer just for you .... 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼
  • Breezing into Monday like 👊🏼
What’s your favourite flavour?
GF Golden Moozly right here.
Start your day well and the rest will be a breeze.
#weloveyourguts ❌⭕️
  • Golden Moozly ✌🏼
On these dreary weather mornings, there is nothing better than starting your day with your own bowl of sunshine ☀️ We 🖤 your guts
📷 @passionatelykeren

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