Our Story

The XO Foods journey began in earnest in 2016.  Australia’s love affair with clean eating had gone gangbusters and the clean food I was feeding my family was suddenly mainstream.

My own personal deep dive into ‘food as medicine’ began years earlier when my daughter developed extreme skin issues. We sought treatment and advice from doctors. Relief from creams and lotions. Answers from allergy tests. It was an incredibly stressful time for us all, but the resounding message – and my intuition – was clear; my daughter’s body could not tolerate food additives or preservatives.

The solution was in our hands.

We cleaned up her diet and her skin showed signs of improvement straight away. But guess what? It took eight months to eliminate all the preservatives and additives and chemicals her little body had stored, and for our lives to return to a new and improved ‘normal’.

So my personal motivation to improve the health and wellbeing of my family gave rise to my passion for the health of humankind, and the nourishment of our planet.

I want everyone to experience ‘feel-good food’ that fuels their mind and body. And I will continue to advocate that we simply don’t need the additives, sugar, preservatives and other crap (my word not theirs!) that large manufacturers add into processed food.

The XO Foods ethos is about eating the way nature intended. Naturally. Because fresh food has a shelf life. It’s that simple.

We love your guts and so should you.

Welcome to the family!

XO Foods

Lovers of granola & muesli.
XO Foods have created a wholesome, clean breakfast range of ‘moozly’. Taste the love.

What our Customers SAY

Yum just had my first taste of Moozly for dessert with yogurt, strawberries and blueberries. This will be a regular from now on.

Tracey Lee Scarlett

XoFoods have the best moozly! Perfect for breakfast and dessert.
The Golden Moozly my favourite, so unbelievably tasty!

Helen Masterson

I just bought some XO Moozly. Oh my goodness it is absolutely delicious!!

Catherine Aimee

Love you guys. You rock.
Yep ….love my guts too!

Justine Crouchley-Crawford

OMG, the Turmeric Moozly is to die for!! What a delicious way to start the day.

Kellie Gray

I was never a huge fan of toasted muesli until I came across Moozly. Now I can’t get enough!

Jade Harmony Washbourne

I spent 2.5 years searching for relief from gut inflammation and subsequent aches and pains. I tried Doctors, Acupuncture, restrictive gut healing diets and cleanses and a raft of other hopefuls. Hearing others rave about the benefits of turmeric I even grew and juiced turmeric from my own garden. After just two weeks of taking the Alleppy Turmeric Capsules, I noticed an easing of symptoms which encouraged me to continue on until I began to turn the ‘previously elusive health corner’ after years of getting nowhere. I am convinced that the potency of the alleppy turmeric and, that the capsules are ‘homemade’ to ensure purity, is what gives these capsules that extra ‘kick’.
Thank you XO Foods!

Rebecca Spencer

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