Bircher Muesli – the sexiest Moozly

XO Foods’ Nude Moozly is our most popular muesli blend. Why is it such a favourite for so many people? Well for a start, it’s naked, and who doesn’t love a bit of morning action! But seriously? It’s just so versatile. And of course, you can take Nude Moozly hand in hand down the gluten free garden path if you prefer, because our entire range is available either gluten free or with 100% pure Australian oats.

Our Nude Moozly range was born out of our love for porridge in the winter and overnight oats in the warmer months.

So what is Nude Moozly?

XO Foods’ Nude Moozly blend is an antioxidant-rich, supercharged version of overnight oats, or Bircher Muesli, as it came to be known.

Now while we don’t add any processed sugar to our Nude Moozly, it still contains a bit of sugar. But we thank a natural source for its sweetness: plump juicy Australian sultanas. Natural. Not processed. Natural! Just like being Nude really!

What’s the best way to eat Nude?

Hey! We’re talking about your Moozly!

Straight up
Tip it straight from the pack into the bowl, with yoghurt or milk/mylk of your choice. Dress it however you like – fresh or stewed fruit, nuts, seeds, cacao nibs. The beauty of Nude Moozly, completely undressed and in the buff, is that the choices of dressing this baby up are all yours.

Some like it hot
Are you a fan of warm, comforting breakfasts on those cooler Autumn or chilly winter mornings? Do you like smooth and creamy porridge, or does it warm you enough to just add piping hot milk or your choice?

We have you covered.

Get your body moving in front of your stove top as you gently stir your Nude Moozly with milk or water over a medium heat until it comes to the boil. Reduce the heat and continue to stir until your oats reach that smooth creamy consistency. Decant into a bowl or eat it straight from the pot. We don’t judge.

Are you a soaker?
Pop a few serves of XO Foods’ Nude Moozly into a jar, adding ½ a teaspoon of chia seeds if you like. We are fans of chia seeds because it packs so many more antioxidants into your bowl. Cover the Moozly in any liquid of your choice – here are some we love: cloudy apple, orange, pineapple or pear juice, milk/mylk (dairy, soy, goat, almond, coconut, whichever you prefer). Or, for an extra creamy, decadent bowl of nourishing awesomeness – and don’t we all deserve some decadence in our world – coconut cream. YUM!!

You might like to mix some fruit through your mix at this point… think grated apple, strawberries, whatever you fancy. It’s only going to enhance your breakfast experience.

Give it a really good mix and cover. All it needs is 4 hours in the fridge, but it’s totally worth letting this baby pull a full all nighter in your fridge.

Serve with grated apple and/or your choice of fruit or nuts. Add more liquid if you fancy or just lap it up like the glorious breakfast pudding it is.

The name says it all, Nude!

The way you dress your Moozly is entirely up to you. What’s your style?