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Bircher Muesli – the sexiest Moozly

XO Foods’ Nude Moozly is our most popular muesli blend. Why is it such a favourite for so many people? Well for a start, it’s naked, and who doesn’t love a bit of morning action! But seriously? It’s just so versatile. And of course, you can take Nude Moozly hand in hand down the gluten […]

Types of muesli – bircher, muesli, granola

Bircher, Muesli, and Granola – The Naked Truth. In any breakfast-related discussion worth its salt (excuse the pun) the conversation inevitably returns to the humble breakfast cereal. What’s in it? What’s not? Who makes it and what are their commercial interests? And of course the age-old question; what can I feed the kids that is […]