Milk or Mylk?

Milk or Mylk? Can’t this chick spell?

If you have read a few of my blogs you will have noticed the word MYLK used.
Did you think my spell check missed it? Teeheehee. People have suggested that to me before. Oh hey, loved your blog this week, but you spelt milk wrong. Uhhh, thanks. But I didn’t it was very intentional.

You see there is a very clear distinction between the two.

Milk is that which we get from an animal. Think full cream, lactose free, sheep, goat, skim, A2, butter. All milk. In the traditional spelling.
Enter the rise of predominantly plant based eating. And we have Mylk. “Mylk” is used to describe any nondairy milk. You see, just because you choose to eat plant based, doesn’t mean that you don’t crave a good smoothie occasionally.

If you are after a great smoothie bowl recipe we got you covered here.

Enter the milking of all things plant based, it’s an awesome line up.

You got your nut mylks, almond, cashew, macadamia, and hazelnut.

I have a funny joke about almond mylk actually, check it out on our instagram

But I digress, so back on point, then you have your oat mylk and hemp mylk.

Hemp mylk is my favourite.

And it’s so easy to do. I’ll give you a recipe further on. Soy, the most recognized mylk.

Although we might think that nut Mylk is a new trend, it’s actually been used across many countries for centuries. My Father always said everything old becomes new again. It seems he was right.

Mylk has a number of purposes and benefits, aside from the nutritional benefits that each ingredient brings to the party. For people who cannot tolerate dairy, these mylk options are everything.

The best part about Mylk –v- Milk is that you don’t have to buy mylk, you can make it yourself at home. All you really need is a good blender and voila, mylk.

So how do you make mylk, simple;

Add your choice of either nuts or oats or hemp seeds (I’m using hemp seeds for today’s challenge) to your blender
Add enough water to the blender to cover your other ingredients
Fire her up baby. Blitz until blitzed.
If you need more liquid at any point, just add a touch more water at a time. Remember, we are after mylk, not butter- That’s a whole other blog.
The better the blender, the better your mylk. Or as is the case in my house, the better your tolerance to the noise, the better your mylk.
Once blitzed, you can strain it through a muslin cloth. This optional
So, you’ve just made Mylk for the first time. Congratulations. I love doing something new and realizing just how easy it is when the big picture just appeared way too daunting. Go you!!

Now to use it. Jump right on in, use it as you would dairy milk and enjoy.

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Yeah, we know we’ve got a few but the truth of the matter is that they are all important in their own way for different peeps.

Just like Mylk, just like the way each person chooses to eat. Ours is not to discriminate. We are all encompassing and all-inclusive, across the board.

And for those of you reading who are wondering if I am a die-hard vegan or a longtime vegetarian or a keto fan….. The answer is none of the above.

We live as a household of flexitarians. Our diet is predominantly plant based, but we are carnivorous. And happily so.

Although do not mention the term flexitarian to my 17yr old son. He is flabbergasted at this term and refuses to have his eating habits labelled, declines to identify as any kind of ‘tarian.

I must say at times he puts forward a compelling argument. Other times, not so much, he tells me that flexitarians a vegans who couldn’t tough it out. Now I apologize to any flexitarians that this may insult, he’s directing this at me, personally, because he knows I hate to fail at anything. Bugger he is, with his dry sense of humour.

This is not won of his winning arguments.

The XO foods ethos is to life a life of balance and moderation. Eat the cake and drink the wine, just not every day and not in its entirety. Moderation, it’s key to so much.

So we will leave you to get milking. Can’t wait to hear how you go.
We love your guts and so should you.