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Smoothie bowl recipe

Smoothie bowl recipe Enjoy me for breakfast, lunch or a quick and healthy summer dinner.  I say summer, because I find come the colder months, I tend to need warming up from the inside out come my evening meal.  Do you find the same? But hey, we don't discriminate, call this dessert if you like.  [...]
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Types Of Muesli: So What’s The Difference?

Bircher, Muesli, and Granola – The Naked Truth. In any breakfast-related discussion worth its salt (excuse the pun) the conversation inevitably returns to the humble breakfast cereal. What’s in it? What’s not? Who makes it and what are their commercial interests? And of course the age-old question; what can I feed the kids that is [...]
Sugar on Donuts
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Low-GI For Beginners: It’s A Sugar Thing.

Sugar: The Good, The Bad And The Low-GI Like we need another thing to worry about when it comes to our diets, right? Low-fat this, high carb that, paleo, LCHF, and now keto. Keto, really?! And yet despite this, with 63% of Australian adults now classified as obese, it seems the harder we work to [...]
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